About Us

Ceplast Medical Devices, LLC is a corporation based in Florida that is the US distributor for our unique medical devices made out of non-toxic plastic material produced in our family owned business Agaplastic in Brazil.


Our mission is to develop and distribute medical devices made in plastic applied especially to health care products, guaranteeing always customer satisfaction, personal service and individual attention. We are continually aiming to improve and evolve our production process in order to achieve the highest quality and preserving the environment.


We have been in the US market since 2005, marking our presence participating in important local and international events and fairs, destined to the medical / hospital segment with the intention of advertising our differentiated products, establishing new partnerships and conquering new customers.


These partnerships were fundamental for the growth and development of our company and products, which today exports directly to the most important markets of the medical and pharmaceutical industries in various parts of the globe.


Our partners and customers vary from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, medical device stores, doctors, dentists, speech language therapists, wholesales and even the public in general.