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Dalmatian Reflex Hammer





The Dalmatian Pediatric Reflex Hammer was designed to be medically used to test the neurological reflexes of children.

DESCRIPTION: Fabricated in non-toxic material, it has its own anatomic form with a decorative figure of a Dalmatian dog on one end. This hammer comes is individually packed in the colors black and white. Non-sterile.

PRODUCT'S DIFFERENTIAL: Used by doctors to test neurological reflexes on children, due to its appealing animal figure, so well known in the children’s universe, it is well accepted and does not provoke fear in kids.

CERTIFICATIONS: FDA - ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 13485:2003 - RDC 59/ BPF – CE

CUSTOMIZED LINE: May contain clients logo marks engraved on the piece. For customized prices and minimum quantities please contact us for a quotation.