"I'm very happy with this product. My litte patients like to come to my clinic for Tic-Tong™."

Juan Carlos Morente - ENT, Spain

"Tic-Tong™ has been great fo my patients, they have fun when use them inclusive wants to take it."

Mary Vasquez - PED, Mexico

"We are a medical center. One of our young patients sttoped by to visit us, after visit to his other doctor and had one of your tounge blades. We see many young ones and are interested in trying your product out to see if our patient's like them."

Jay Charles - Nurse Cordinator

"My patients continue to love the Tic-Tongs, and they are one of the biggest attractions at my office. Many mothers and fathers say that their children keep the sticks long after the visit and collect sets. The kids mention to their parents that they look forward to getting them at each visit, and the Tic-Tongs certainly soften any fears about coming to the doctor. When the parents mention that the child will be visiting Dr. Smith with the candy sticks, they jump in the car. When brothers or sister accompany the patient into the room, they are disappointed that they cannot have a Tic Tong as well. You have a great product. Keep up the good work."

H. Smith, ENT

"We have had great success with the Tic-Tongs. Dr. Green has become known for her "good tasting sticks", many times the brothers and sister of the patient that are not sick still request a "stick". Recently, Dr. Green took time off with her new baby, and her partner that was covering her patients had to come to her office to get these tongue depressors because so many kids were asking about them and crying, because he did not have them. Doctor has even ran a radio spot, where one of her 5 year old patients was interviewed by the radio DJ and asked what Dr. Green does to make her feel better....her answer and I quote, "...she uses this stick to look into my mouth and then it is all better..."

Darrin Green, Business manager

"My clients and therapist have enjoyed using your product and we have gained significant progress through its use."

Elissa Madel, SLP

"Our kids love the Tic-Tongs, we have a few little patients that will only say AHH to them!"

Dawn Brasier.

"I am just a mom from Simsbury Ct. in the USA and need these for my 7 year old son. He has to use a throat stick every day for orthodontic purposes and your flavored sticks make an uncomfortable process more fun."

Susan Mittelman - Mom

"We have only heard positive outcomes with the Tic-Tongs."

Cindy Lacosse, Distributor

"My kids all loved these. The only "problem" was that they often wanted to keep them, although I had planned to wash and reuse! I have washed many in the dishwasher and they came out good as new. My clients love them. As soon as I get them out they can't wait to lick them. I have only had good experiences with them."

Coleen Pathway - SLP